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The unfortunate thing about this world we live in is that you are a fool if you don’t legally cover your ass and your opinions. This is sue-me-land after all. Moreover, you are equally a fool if you don’t draw a line in the sand and estate precisely how and who can use your opinions and how they can be presented by third parties. This is spam-web-scrapping-land after all, too.

With that being said:


The material presented and blogged herein are my personal opinion, my own. Unless explicitly expressed otherwise, neither they are nor should they be construed under any interpretation as an official position, or interpretation of such, from any of my employers, past or present.

My opinions also should not be construed in any form or manner as form of advice regulated in any form, shape or manner under any legal interpretation by a court of law… meaning, if reading it or using it for any purposes gets you fired, romantically dejected, ideologically discombobulated, or leaves you prone to chronic rancid armpit syndrome or cancer (or some other bad ju-ju), I’m not liable.

If you don’t agree with that, then please kindly and in the name of Beelzebub and anything that is unholy, get the hell out before my writings give you the cooties, kthxbye.

Copyright/Copyleft Notice

With that disclaimer always present, the opinions presented here are of an editorial nature; they are my intellectual property; and in the context of this copyright/copyleft notice, they will collectively be referred to as “they”.

They are available to the public under the Creative Commons (CC) license, specifically by “Attribution + ShareAlike (by-sa)”, commonly denoted by the following CC icon/logo:


fully described at Creative Commons license page.

You have the right to use what is presented in this blog/site and any derived, mixed or quoted material, for commercial and non-commercial purposes, subject to the copyright conditions stated above, provided that:

  1. Full attribution and acknowledgment of ownership is given to me.
  2. Full attribution is given any and all work I’ve quoted in the material being used under this license.
  3. No part of this blog or site, even when when not explicitly stated so, can be used in any form of link farming, web site scrapping, blog spamming, spam indexing or any form of spamming, unsolicited advertisement, plagiarism or any form of activity that deteriorates the general public’s ability to search information.
  4. No work that uses the work and opinions presented in this blog/site can be used as described in the item above.
  5. Any work, commercial or non-commercial that quotes or derives from my opinions presented in this blog/site must also be made available with a license that honors the copyright/copyleft terms presented herein.
  6. Exceptions to these terms are/can be done at my sole discretion. Such exceptions will only be covered in terms of making derived material under stricter commercial licenses and only if such exceptions still prohibit their usage in any form of link farming, web site scrapping, blog spamming, spam indexing
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