I’m extremely hostile to the notion of hijacking content for spamming purposes or to claim material without honoring the author’s request for attribution. Not only does such actions limit the utility of search engines (and the web in general) to the common use, such actions are simply dishonest.

Even the simplest things of things get hijacked or link/web farmed. It increases the noise-to-signal ratio.

Spamming artifacts that I particularly oppose (without reducing my opposition to spamming in general) are:

I’ve also been thinking (for many years actually) to write professionally. I have a large collection of material that is just sitting there. Blogging for me is a manner of exercising and giving shape for things to come (that might come). So, in a way, is a manner to protect myself.

It seems futile to attempt such CC protection. Maybe it is. But inaction on the basis of subjective practicality is on itself, immoral in nature. Things are to be done as a matter of principle, and that’s what gives moral meaning to the things we do.

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