Python for Shell Scripting

December 4, 2012


Python can really shine in the realm of shell scripting.

Lambda Expressions – an Octave/Scala Comparison

December 3, 2012


A comparison between Scala's and GNU Octave's fundamental syntax quirks for functional programming.

Design by Contract, by Example

November 19, 2012


Richard Mitchell and Jim McKim book on DbC is a true life-changing software development book (for those who care about software quality, that is)

Coursera, MOOCS and Diaper Duties, Part Deux

November 12, 2012


And the happy battle with diapers and MOOCs continues

Posted in: coursera, education, family, MOOC

Coursera, MOOCS and Diaper Duties

October 23, 2012


My wife and I are getting ready for a new arrival to our family. And with that, I have to adjust the amount of time I put on studying.

My First Experience with Coursera

September 13, 2012


Coursera courses are extremely rewarding, but it requires discipline to truly learn the material.

I Failx0r at teh Haskell!!11 :-/

July 13, 2012


Getting Haskell right is becoming a bit of a challenge, a good challenge mind you.