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How to Maim Our Economy

November 23, 2016


Trade is not the enemy. Don't mess with what you don't understand.

The Hubris of the Comfortably Employed

August 13, 2013


It is arrogant to believe you have no one to thank you for your successes (or that you do not have an obligation to be a good Samaritan.

The SEC, Netflix, and The Age of Social Media

December 7, 2012


Be mindful what you post. The internet is a dangerous series of tubes.

Spiteful Wishful Thinking and Poisoning of the Soul

October 10, 2011


You didn't get to where you are now by your own pure wits alone, so stop being so stupid in believing that self-indulging lie.

Let Them Eat Cake

October 9, 2011


The current "Occupy Wall St." movement might have some clueless young hippies among them, but this cannot characterize the whole movement, nor deny the real grievances that propel it.

The UAW in a Time of Crisis

September 7, 2011


The UAW's actions are nothing short of a slap to the millions of their unemployed compatriots.

On Robotics, Viral Videos and Fruit Fly Genitalia – Senator Coburn Missing The Point

June 12, 2011


Sometimes it pays to provide federal funding to research on the configuration of bugs' genitalia, viral videos and HS robotics.