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The SEC, Netflix, and The Age of Social Media

December 7, 2012


Be mindful what you post. The internet is a dangerous series of tubes.

On Robotics, Viral Videos and Fruit Fly Genitalia – Senator Coburn Missing The Point

June 12, 2011


Sometimes it pays to provide federal funding to research on the configuration of bugs' genitalia, viral videos and HS robotics.

In Education, Success of the Few Does Not Mean Success of the Many

May 30, 2011


An industrialized society that no longer make provisions for vocational training is one down the path of class discrimination.

The Continuous Watering Down of Computer Science

March 13, 2011


We seem to be taking the "Java School" principle even further by having CS professors questioning whether we need Calculus in a CS curriculum. How more stupid can we get?

On 4-Year College Education and Nonviable Fallacies

October 5, 2010


Many industrialized countries (.ie. Germany and Japan) fully support community colleges and trade schools as vital backbones in their industrial education. The US should be wise to follow a similar lead.

Software Certifications. Do They Matter?

June 6, 2010


When it comes to software certificates, you get what you put in.

Maintenance as a Learning Opportunity for the Software Journeyman

March 1, 2010


Maintenance, is at the heart of the software industry. You never, ever, ever write a non-trivial piece of software and deliver it to your customer without ever having to deal with it again. Not unless it is trivial (and ergo, bug-free), or it is incredibly crappy-written (and you want to get away from it asap), or (in some cases) you are being dishonest, leaving your customer with a lemon.