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The Hubris of the Comfortably Employed

August 13, 2013


It is arrogant to believe you have no one to thank you for your successes (or that you do not have an obligation to be a good Samaritan.

Metrics Done Wrong

June 28, 2012


There is nothing wrong with metrics and/or gauging individual performance... if it is done for the right reasons.

The Hack/Obscenity Lemma

June 28, 2012


As it turns out, the utter crappiness of a hack is a quasi-mathematical function of its progenitor.

On the Scarcity of Talented Workers

June 22, 2012


What is the truth behind the so-called IT shortage?

Software circa 2012, and Repugnant, Putrid Code

April 28, 2012


Rant time. Through the years I’ve had to work with legacy (and new) software of a craptacular fashion. Though it pays the bills, it makes work an agony. The following video from Google Tech Talks 2008 should be made required (by law, basic decency or divine intervention) instruction for anyone who wants to write software. […]

2012 Resolutions – Make Things Happen

January 2, 2012


Good things won't happen to you (specially in your career) unless you make them happen, mainly because you are not a special snowflake.

The (Inevitable) Rise of (The) Developeronomics (Bubble)

December 7, 2011


Code monkeys are the new gold, invest in them before the bubble busts!!!!