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Roles vs Groups, What’s the Diff

February 26, 2014


Have you ever wonder what the actual difference is between a security role and a security group? Superficially, they look the same. And operating systems such as Windows can conflate the two.  A good start for understanding the differences is Dr. Ravi Sandhu’s paper on the matter [1]. If you are too lazy to open […]

XP, Please Don’t Leave Me!!!!

August 25, 2013


When its EOL arrives, XP will mark the end of a glorious era.

Bash Hack Var Dump Galore

August 22, 2013


A quick-n-dirty way to dump your shell scripts vars on demand.

Design by Contract, by Example

November 19, 2012


Richard Mitchell and Jim McKim book on DbC is a true life-changing software development book (for those who care about software quality, that is)

My First Experience with Coursera

September 13, 2012


Coursera courses are extremely rewarding, but it requires discipline to truly learn the material.

Metrics Done Wrong

June 28, 2012


There is nothing wrong with metrics and/or gauging individual performance... if it is done for the right reasons.

The Hack/Obscenity Lemma

June 28, 2012


As it turns out, the utter crappiness of a hack is a quasi-mathematical function of its progenitor.