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Roles vs Groups, What’s the Diff

February 26, 2014


Have you ever wonder what the actual difference is between a security role and a security group? Superficially, they look the same. And operating systems such as Windows can conflate the two.  A good start for understanding the differences is Dr. Ravi Sandhu’s paper on the matter [1]. If you are too lazy to open […]

XP, Please Don’t Leave Me!!!!

August 25, 2013


When its EOL arrives, XP will mark the end of a glorious era.

Bash Hack Var Dump Galore

August 22, 2013


A quick-n-dirty way to dump your shell scripts vars on demand.

Python for Shell Scripting

December 4, 2012


Python can really shine in the realm of shell scripting.

Lambda Expressions – an Octave/Scala Comparison

December 3, 2012


A comparison between Scala's and GNU Octave's fundamental syntax quirks for functional programming.

Coursera, MOOCS and Diaper Duties

October 23, 2012


My wife and I are getting ready for a new arrival to our family. And with that, I have to adjust the amount of time I put on studying.

I Failx0r at teh Haskell!!11 :-/

July 13, 2012


Getting Haskell right is becoming a bit of a challenge, a good challenge mind you.