Software circa 2012, and Repugnant, Putrid Code

Posted on April 28, 2012



Rant time.

Through the years I’ve had to work with legacy (and new) software of a craptacular fashion. Though it pays the bills, it makes work an agony. The following video from Google Tech Talks 2008 should be made required (by law, basic decency or divine intervention) instruction for anyone who wants to write software.

A necessary hack here and there, compromises due to resource constrains, they are all understandable. But in the name of Baal, goddamit, why are there people who in 2012 still write code (using OOP languages to add insult to injury) like badly-writen, GOTO-infected COBOL on punch cards????

Nobody is perfect, and we all make mistakes, but there is human fallibility and there is being grotesquely shitty. Learn to write clean code (and have professional pride and try to do your best to do an acceptable job.) Either that or change professions.

I mean, seriously, have some pity on the poor souls that will have to inherit  your code for Christ’ sake. If doctors worked the way some coders do, they’d be getting the death penalty for malpractice.