Portable Speakers, Nice Nifty Little Buggers.

Posted on January 25, 2012



You have to give it to the engineers and Apple. Almost every product that they make is not only efficient, but beautiful and efficient. In this particular case, I’m referring to the line of rechargeable speakers that they produce.

I like to listen to technical podcasts like Software Engineering Radio, the Java Posse, CompuCast, Radio Free Python, Grady Booch’s IEEE “On Architecture”, Basement Coders and Scala Types. In fact, beyond listening to Classical South Florida, that’s the only thing I listen. No commercial radio or TV.  I easily spend an hour, an hour and a half commuting, so this is an excellent way to keep my technical wits up to date. It is so convenient to shove technical podcasts into my Android smartphone (a Samsung Vibrant btw), that’s what I listen when on the road or when I’m coding or doing shores (but mostly when I’m on the road.)

But I’m also a cheap bastard. I drive an old Dodge Neon which I intend to run into the ground until it falls into pieces. It has an Methuselah-like cassette player, and by God that I won’t put a dime into upgrading it. So my solution was to use a cassette player adapter to be hooked into my smartphone. Alas, as a sign that my car is coming to an end, its transmission blew up (and so were the engine block beds)… $2K I had to fork to get the car back into working conditions.

And as luck would have it, the cassette adapter got jammed in the player, with no hope of retrieving it – not unless I roll my sleeves and take the whole thing out. Screw that. So I was thinking a cheaper solution would be to get a portable speakers, which I tried in the past with less than impressive results… I tried that a while ago by the way.

Figuring that maybe, just maybe the state of the arts in portable speakers has come to age, I decided to give this little sucker a try:



Oh boy, am I pleased or what? This little buddy fits in the palm of my hand, and it is far more powerful than the speakers I use on my computer. It is rechargeable with a long battery life. To say that I’m pleased with it is an understatement. If you are looking for a portable speaker, I’d suggest to look no more and give this a try.

For $16-17, it is an incredible bargain. But beyond that, the quality of its sound, the beautiful design, its portability and small size! This is really a very beautiful device by Apple available for chump change. Apple really knows how to make their products.

Now that I have something to listen to my podcasts, I have a lot to catch up (possibly a month worth of podcast episodes.) What can I say, I’m a cheap bastard 🙂