2012 Resolutions – Make Things Happen

Posted on January 2, 2012



Warning: sprinkled profanity lies ahead…

A new year has arrived, and the old one is forever gone, past it did as fast as all the others before. And inevitably, I, like everyone else, will come up with a laundry list of new years resolutions. Obviously losing weight is in the list – my eternal battle against my sweet tooth rages on. Spending more time with my family is another. Somehow, with that very important resolution, another might come into conflict, but I know I will make it happen…

… I want to work more.

Crazy thing to say, eh? Well, the way I figure is that I love what I do. Not only it provides me with a good salary with which to do the things I want with my family (not to mention that I’m blessed by God in this time of hardship when so many people do not have one.)

But it is also the right thing to do.  A job is an opportunity to grow, to do things, to take responsibility and to pay back in effort what your employer gives you in a paycheck.

I’m blessed, and I’m lucky, that I have a good job. I’m also blessed in that I’m confident that, barring an act of God, whatever happens, I can handle it. A cut in salary? No problem, we’ll adjust.  A career change? If that’s what it takes to bring bread to the table, why not? Flipping burgers? Been there, done that (hopefully it will never get there, but if so, then so be it.) It wouldn’t be pretty, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world either. And the key of this is the following: there is no job that is beneath me. That is, there is no honest job that I’m too good for it. I have no blue-blood pretensions.

As long as you are healthy enough to take care of your loved ones, and as long as you can provide the most basic necessities (education, health care, food, clothing and a roof), everything else is just noise that you can get by without.

I say this because I’m really, really, really tired of the negativity I get from some individuals that, despite having good, comfortable jobs, they still bitch and moan about how hard times are now.


There is no denying that there are tremendous problems afflicting this nation, and the world at large. The OWS movement has brought to light the increasing divide between the haves and the have-nots.

But if you have a job, a well-paid job with health care and 401k options and a college education, guess what? You are not one of the disenfranchised ones. More to the point, if you are lucky to have a job in this day and age, do it well, and work hard, and try to be proactive and positive. Be thankful and leave the bile behind.

Salaries are down? Most likely, but you can still make a living, specially if you readjust your lifestyle. It is unreasonable to expect otherwise.

We have to constantly learn more and study more just to keep up? Uh, it’s been like that, a given for this career, for ages, where have you been?

You don’t like your job? Change it, but not before giving SINCERE thanks to your employer (and whatever deity you believe in, if any) for having one.

Feel miserable or unrecognized? Do not.

If you have a college education and a job, you have no right to feel like that. In fact, even if you had no education and no job, you still do not have a right to feel like poor little you.

You know when you have a right to feel like that? When you live like this:

Only when you live like this you have a right to feel miserable and angry

There is something to be said about the things we have or we do not have, and about our expectations of things. It was nicely captured by Mark Twain in one of his famous quotes:

“Too many people think the world owes them a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.” – Mark Twain

Good things do not happen to you unless you make them happen, to you and, most importantly, to others.  So instead of complaining about how bad things are now compared to whatever golden age you lived before, man the hell up and develop the one very important thing that seems to be missing from you: humility.

To expect anything else is to expect to be above the human condition of having nothing and being assured of nothing. But you are not. You are a human, same shit comes out of you like everyone else with more or less education, pedigree, class, cast, family name or whatever stupid heraldic crap you think you have due to stupidity or bad parenting.

So stop acting as if you were special enough for the world to give you something. You, like every one else that has ever come out of a mother, are just another insignificant cog in the human machinery. Accept that fact wholly and completely. And then you’ll find that the world is not as bad as you feel it is.

More to the point, if you pout and bemoan about the state of things, then do something and throw away your false sense of entitlement. Whatever you have done before, you are not a precious snowflake that others must worship and give you the opportunities and salaries and prestige that you vainly seek.

Make the changes you need that will bring you satisfaction, in your career or in a career change if necessary. You make those changes, for you have no right to expect those changes to occur while you sit in your throne.

Good shit won’t happen to you. You make it happen. You consciously aim and go for it. Expecting things to work differently is simply an act of arrogant entitlement.

So, make this a new years resolution in the name of anything that is holy: if you don’t like something (specially if it is job-related), then change it. Make it a new year resolution to accept that you are just another cog in the human machinery and be one with your human condition: if you don’t like something, don’t bitch about it and don’t be jealous of others. Instead do something to change what you don’t like. Be positive for a change.