Let Them Eat Cake

Posted on October 9, 2011



It is a sad thing to see a bunch of WS employees drinking champagne off a balcony as they gaze down the plebeian masses protesting (perhaps in a naive way) the social injustices,  and lack of legal accountability (and the apparent government complicity) that permeates the financial halls of power. The following video captures this sad display of stupidity for eternity:

It is a sad display of insensitivity and arrogance (or perhaps stupidity, I don’t know). There are honest individuals that work their asses off in WS, and WS is a financial institution that is key to our economy. But equally so, it hosts a cabal of power with nefarious consequences. Both realities are not mutually exclusive. The importance of WS, and the corruption in it do not constitute a zero-sum game. Criticism of what is wrong with it does not constitute an attack on the capitalist ideal and economic model – even if among the protesters, there are individuals who would like to see a picture of Che Guevara hanging on the White House :/

Mock the protesters as much as you want. The grievances are real. As much as certain elements of the media (Bill O’Reilly comes to mind) want to paint them as clueless youngsters (unemployed because of their fault as Herman Cain bluntly put it in his infinite wisdom), the grievances are real:

There is a financial-governmental complex (one far surpassing the industrial-military complex President Eisenhower once warned us about.)

  1. The GOP-led government initiated bail-out. Capitalism would dictate that those financial entities that cannot stand on their own should fail. Nothing should be too big to fail.
  2. The Dem-led government under the Obama administration allegedly arm-twisting the NYC Attorney General and the continuous influence of Goldman Sachs on the government.
  3. Goldman-Sachs is still like if nothing has happened despite the damning findings by Senator Car Levin (a true patriot if you ask me.)

The democratic system (if indeed we ever had it), has been subverted right before our (stupidly complacent and bovine) eyes by business interests. This goes beyond mere lobbying, and in great part participates in the root of the matters, in the grievances that are propelling. The sad part of all of this is how the media has treated the entire phenomenon, as if it didn’t matter, and if the grievances weren’t real. An interesting example of ad hominem, attacking the messenger, by making him either invisible or turning him into a caricature.

For example, look what Bill O’Reilly did:


But one wonders, where was he when the following protester put an eloquent response (which was unaired by Fox):

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what the current wave of protests are all about. Make fun of them as you see fit according to your political proclivities. At the very least one has to acknowledge that these protesters have shown civility, the one typically lacking by certain members of society with their votes or bullets incendiary rhetoric.

Funny thing that I was actually in favor of the Tea Party when it was a nascent movement (for their original grievances were very much alike those claimed this new wave of protests.) And I walked away from it as the original grievances were quickly overrun by incendiary, parochial, doomsday-cult rhetoric.

I hope the same does not occur with this new movement, though it is a distinct possibility. I would like to think I could do more to provide some support this new movement.  So far, all I can do is to simply do some rudimentary artistry (in the “demotivational” internet-meme style) to capture the gist of it all.

Let Them Eat Cake

Qu'ils mangent de la brioche


I would like to leave, as a parting though, the essence of the “American Dream” captured in comedy by the great George Carlin (warning, strong language not safe for work):

Sing it the way you see it