Object Oriented Programming is out of the CMU Computer Science Introductory Curriculum

Posted on March 23, 2011


CC-by-SA  [Also accessible via http://bit.ly/eyxcMz]

At CMU, OOP is being completely removed out of the freshman CS level, moving it to the sophomore level “for those who wish to study the subject“. As a replacement, FP will be the introductory bread-n-butter at the freshman level:


With the exclusion of the above quoted statement in italics, this is in the thing to do, it is a step in the right direction. It should not be an optional field of study, but OO learning certainly has to occur after a student has reached a certain level of maturity. public static final main(…) is too much of stupid unexplained OO kool-aid and out-0f-place technicality to swallow for writing the simplest “hello world” programs, let alone concentrate on the basics of programming.

One might hope that CS departments at local universities (read FIU) will actually pay attention to this development.