Uhmmm, Not Everything is an Object, You Know

Posted on June 8, 2009


Just recently I stumble upon a question on Yahoo!Answers where a poster asks which methodology focuses on data first. In essence, this is a misguided question (more on that later). But what came after was the stuff of horrors – someone replied that OOD would be the answer.

Now, let’s stop just for a second if we may. Let’s stop and think about the question, and the answer. It is very likely that these were just two college students, kids or what not, that are, with wide-open, starry eyes venturing into the unknown seas of software development. Very likely indeed.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen such misguided thinking among Computer Science seniors, and worse, software development practitioners. So let’s squash it for a second, hold your breath and wrap the following statement in your mind if you may:

Not. Everything. Is. An. Object.

The fact that, sans primitives, everything else is an object in, say Java, that does not imply every artifact built with Java is indeed an object.

This is a very complex topic that cannot be discussed in such a brief page. Hopefully I will continue this line of thought in a more detailed manner.